Welcome to 911 Motorsports, located in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Specializing in performance automotive fabrication and highly skilled in many forms of metal fabrication, custom exhaust,  mechanics, electronics and many other trades.


911 specializes in Automotive Fabrication. From weekend warriors to on or off road race vehicles, we make it better or faster for you. Engine, axle and suspension conversions and upgrades. NHRA and SCCA approved roll cages, tube and plate bumpers, tube and four link custom suspension.


We also help prototype new products and even offer a few of our very own products. Our knowledge and experience of varies trades allows us help with problems that come with creating a new product.



Phone: 541-480-6269  

Email: 911mosports@gmail.com

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Phone: 541-480-6269  

Email: 911mosports@gmail.com


The plasma stencil is used for easy circle cutting using a plasma cutter. It's as easy as drawing a circle.......with a plasma torch. Each kit includes 5 stencils for 10 different sizes.  The stencils are made from 1/8" plate steel and have an anti-spatter coating. Circle sizes and centerline marks are laser etched for easy use. The outside radius acts as a bonus cutting edge.


- Stainless Steel Construction (provides a strong core that won't move under pressure)


- Available in multiple sizes and styles


- Full Length Magnetic Backing (grips vise to limit movement)


- Fuel, Oil, and Chemical Resistant

Rubber-faced, magnetic-backed vise jaws easily stick to vise, allowing hands-free clamping of delicate and odd-shaped objects.



Use the MIG Holster for quick draw welding. These are designed to be welded under your work bench or welding station. This allows your MIG gun to be easily accessible without taking up precious space on top of your table.

Axle Cradle Jack Adapter

$ 275 with Free Shipping

Converts your floor jack to safely hold any solid axle for installation and suspension modifications

axle-on-cradle-close-up-side ac-tranny-jack-empty-side-side-2

Transmission jack

Floor jack